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// bbkeys.hh for bbkeys - Ye Olde Keystroke Grabber for Blackbox
//    Copyright (c) 1998-1999 by John Kennis, jkennis@chello.nl
//    Copyright (c) 1999-2001 by Jason Kasper (vanRijn) vR@movingparts.net
//    Copyright (c) 2001 by Ben Jansens <xor@orodu.net>
//    This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
//    it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
//    the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
//    (at your option) any later version.
//    This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
//    but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
//    GNU General Public License for more details.
//    You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
//    along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
//    Foundation, Inc., 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.
// (See the included file COPYING / GPL-2.0)
// $Id: bbkeys.hh,v 1.13 2002/10/08 02:06:41 vanrijn Exp $

#ifndef __BBKEYS_HH
#define __BBKEYS_HH

extern "C" {
#include <X11/Xlib.h>
#include <X11/keysym.h>

#include "grab_defs.hh" // grab* definitions
#include "Basewindow.hh"
#include "Timer.hh"

class Stackmenu;
class Resource;
class WMInterface;
class Basemenu;

#define MaxInstructions 100
#define RCFILE ".bbkeysrc"

typedef struct {
  unsigned long modMask;
  KeyCode keycode;
  int action;
  char *execCommand;

typedef struct {
  int instructCount;
  KEY_ACTION_MAP KeyMap[MaxInstructions];

struct PIXMAP {
      Pixmap      frame;
      Pixmap      window;
//    Pixmap      focusedDesktop;
//    Pixmap      focusedWindow;
//    Pixmap      desktop;

      Pixmap      pix_title;
      Pixmap      pix_back;
      Pixmap      pix_closeBtn;
      Pixmap      pix_configBtn;
      Pixmap      pix_pressedBtn;

struct GEOM {
      int height;
      int width;
      int x;
      int y;

struct WindowList {
      Window win;
      bool iconic;
      bool shaded;
      bool sticky;
      int desktop;

struct DesktopList {
      int number;

class Stackmenu;

class ToolWindow : public Basewindow, public TimeoutHandler {
      ToolWindow(int argc,char **argv,struct CMDOPTIONS *);

      void reconfigure(void);
      void execCommand(char *const);

      // functions for translation of grab information
      const char *index_to_name(int);
      int translateAction(char *);
      int translateModifier(char *);

      // functions for handling/grabbing keys
      void loadKeygrabs(void);
      void setKeygrabs(void);
      void activateKeygrabs(void);
      void getOffendingModifiers(void);
      void wHackedGrabKey(int,unsigned int,Window,Bool,int,int);
      void x_reset_modifier_mapping(Display *);
      void InitializeModifiers(void);
      // functions for maintaining the desktop list
      void addDesktop(void);
      void removeDesktop(int);
      void focusDesktop(int);
      void setDesktopCount(int);    // this should only be called during the
                                                                                          // initialization stage
      // functions for maintaining the window list
      void addWindow(Window,int);
      void removeWindow(Window);
      void clearWindows(void);
      void focusWindow(Window);
      void moveWinToDesktop(Window,int);
      void windowAttributeChange(Window); // called when attributes for a window
                                                                                                                  // have changed, such as sticky
      void cycleWindowFocus(bool);

      // functions for modifying windows
      void raiseWindow(Window);
      void lowerWindow(Window);

      // functions for the Linear window cycling style
      void add_linear(WindowList *);
      void cycle_linear(bool);

      // functions for the Stack window cycling style
      void add_stack(WindowList *);
      void cycle_stack(bool);
      void focus_stack(Window);
      void saveMenuSearch(Window,Basemenu *);
      void removeMenuSearch(Window);
      // functions which return information
      inline int getCurrentDesktopNr(void) {
            return current_desktop?current_desktop->number:-1;
      inline Window getFocusWindow() { return focus_window; }
      inline int getDesktopCount(void) { return desktop_count; }
      inline Resource *getResource() { return resource; }
      inline GC getMenuTitleGC(void) {return NULL;/*menuTitleGC;*/}
      inline GC getMenuHiBGGC(void) {return menuHiBGGC;}
      inline GC getMenuHiGC(void) {return menuHiGC; }
      inline GC getMenuFrameGC(void) {return menuFrameGC;}
      inline bool getDoingCycling(void) { return doingCycling; }
      inline bool getShowAllWorkspaces(void) { return showAllWorkspaces; }
      unsigned int KeycodeToModmask(unsigned int code);

//    void setNETInit(void) { /*wm_init = True;*/ }

      // functions for dealing with the bbkeys window
      void MakeWindow(bool);
      void Redraw(void);
      virtual void process_event(XEvent *);
      virtual void CheckConfig(void);
      void timeout(void);
      void addSticky(WindowList *);
      void removeSticky(const Window,const int);
      inline void setCycling(bool f) { doingCycling = f; }
      inline void setShowAllWorkspaces(bool f) { showAllWorkspaces = f; }
  void findFramePosition(Window window, int &x, int &y);
      XGCValues gcv;    // font stuff
      GC frameGC;

      Window win_frame; // windows for the tool
      Window win_title;
      Window win_back;
      Window win_closeBtn;
      Window win_configBtn;
      GEOM frame;                   // size/pos data for the windows and label
      GEOM label;
      GEOM geom_title;
      GEOM geom_back;
      GEOM geom_closeBtn;
      GEOM geom_configBtn;
      PIXMAP      pixmap;           // pixmaps for all of the windows
      BTimer *timer;          // window background drawing timer
//    bool raised;                  // window is raised above all others

      KEY_GRAB_INSTRUCTION grabSet; // key grab/handling vars
      int actionList[NUM_GRABS];
      unsigned int ValidModMask;
      unsigned int _NumLockMask;
      unsigned int _ScrollLockMask;

      char *bbkeys_rcfile;  // resource file
      time_t bbkeys_rcTime; // time used for autoloading resource file
      Resource *resource;   // resource data

      int desktop_count;                                                            // the number of desktops
      DesktopList *current_desktop;                         // the currently active desktop
      LinkedList<WindowList> *windowList;       // list of all windows
      LinkedList<DesktopList> *desktopList; // list of all desktop windows
      Window focus_window;                                                    // window which has the focus

      WMInterface *wminterface; // interface for communicating with the
                                                                                    // window manager

      Stackmenu *stackMenu;         // variables for the stack cycling style menu
      bool doingCycling;                  // are we in the middle of a stacked cycle?
      bool showAllWorkspaces;
      Window menuWin;
      GC menuGC;
      GC menuHiBGGC;
      GC menuHiGC;
      GC menuFrameGC;

      friend class Stackmenu;
      void p();

#endif /* __BBKEYS_HH */

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